Amazing Animals: Savanna

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Amazing Animals: Savanna

Amazing Animals: Savanna

Amazing Animals: Savanna


One of the nicest looking games for children at the App Store.

Don`t forget to download the FREE coloring book from our website [].

Take your children on an African adventure and get to know the inhabitants of the plains. Let your kids have fun with their favorite African animals while promoting their curiosity, creativity, and language and motor development.

(And, of course, when you need it desperately, it serves as a great distraction.)


★ Ultra-wide, African savanna landscape inviting every young adventurer’s fingers to explore

★ Twelve original hand-painted, beautifully animated animals including children’s favorites: the elephant, the lion and the giraffe

★ Intuitive frustration-free interface designed with toddlers and preschoolers in mind (no dialogues, no confusing multi-touch, and no more „Dad, it’s broken.“ complaints)

★ Realistic sounds and immersive ambient sound brings to life the African atmosphere


We believe that surrounding our children with ugly, tacky toys is simply wrong. Small children are quite sensitive, and it is necessary to provide them with objects which engage them through beauty, fun and learning. We have therefore set up a small studio to develop delightful games for the iPhone. We craft games that appeal to our children, and we believe your children will enjoy them, too.

Screenshots are simply not enough here. Go and watch video at our website.

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