Painball 1.0

Painball 1.0

PainBall is very fast and addictive arcade game with dynamic action gameplay and awesome graphics and effects. Target of the game is to destroy your opponent using your shots or the PainBall. Both players are protected by a laser shield at the beginning of each match. Shield can be damaged only by the PainBall. Shoot the PainBall to change its direction and destroy opponent’s shield so he remains unprotected.

PainBall game includes bluetooth multiplayer. Grab your friends and defeat them in the PainBall match!

Single player mode contains three different difficulty levels and a very sophisticated scoring system. Share your score online and prove that you are the best PainBaller ever!

Main Features:
- Bluettoh multiplayer mode
- Three different AI levels for single player mode
- Sophisticated scoring system with online ranking
- Very fast and dynamic action gameplay
- Nice graphics and dark atmosphere

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